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  • Top 10 Board Games by Board Game Guru- Yehuda

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom

    PLEASE look at this post! Yehuda is THE authority in board games. He can tell you how to refresh tired stale board games sitting in a closet as well as explain how some of the newer and more complicated games work.
    he is my FIRST stop when I am looking for new games to try or play.ON this post on his board game blog games- Yehuda lists his top 10 board games- and why. You will want to go and and buy at least of one these games. !

    Why Should You Play Board Games with Your Kids?

    Board games are a way to interact with your kids. While you are playing you are also talking… sometimes just talking about nothing is EVERYTHING.
    They build self esteem.
    They are an amazing play value for the money
    They help critical thinking skills.
    Playing Board games is FUN.

    Yehuda Board Game Blog: http://jergames.blogspot.com/2007/02/my-top-ten-board-games.html

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