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    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom

    Last week we went to a “board game night” our local hobby store sponsors a board game night once a month. My daughter ADORES the owner- a very hip and happening 40-something woman who has owner the store since she was 21 years old. She also suffers from carpal tunnel from playing World of Warcraft. She has a good selection of hard to find board games that you wouldn’t find at Toys R Us or Target.

    I have always liked board games and my husband really doesn’t get it and doesn’t enjoy them at all. My likes to play most of them with me but for some of them need more than 2 players. So I was really looking forward to this night out, ( I did bring my daughter and her best friend) . The two girls had a blast0 though In think more because the event took place in a “bar” and they spent most of the night talk to the cool 19 year old waitress. There were about 30 people there- a nice mix of men and woman and some younger teenagers. I was a bit worried that the crowd would be REALLY into the games and have no tome for a beginner- I was very wrong :-)

    Hey! That’s My Fish!

    We played Blokus ( a must have game as far as I am concerned) Taboo ( not my thing but girls like it) and a couple of new games, Hey! That’s My Fish!- which was pretty fun, it involves a bit of strategy. They idea is to collect fish ( you are a penguin) jumping from ice block to ice block without getting stranded. This would be an excellent game for younger kids- it said 8 and up but I think 5 and up would be good too. requires no reading and is pretty quick – about 20 minutes a game.

    Rio Grande’s Zooloretto

    Spent a almost 2 hours playing 2007′s game of the year, Rio Grande’s Zooloretto Hard to explain but in the game you are a zookeeper and you manage your animals- putting like kinds together , mating a male and female together, while your opponents do the same thing. It says it should take about 45 minutes to play- maybe it was because we were very chatty- it took longer. The game appeals to both kids and adults. Was a good game to play if you don’t want to “think” too much. It also does not require reading.

    We will go back again .I would encourage you to try and go to some kind of board game night- or if there isn’t one- create your own. Maybe one afternoon a month have board game day for homeschool kids. I will do this next winter now that my son is no longer velcroed to my side and require 100% of my focus :-)

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