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  • Play Ticket to Ride Online- Free

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom

    We have been playing Ticket to Ride board game in our home for the past few weeks, the rules are fairly easy to pick up and the game play is fun while not being to serious. For those of you who enjoy Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne you will also enjoy this game. The rules are easier to understand so younger children can also play.

    When you buy the game you can also register to play on the”official” website for 6 months. You get a “code” printed in your instruction manual.

    You can also play for free with some limitations,like l you aren’t rated and can’t start new games, only join ones started by others. After that you have to pay or buy another Days of Wonder game. Cost is 18.00 a year and I think a good buy.

    There are some sites that let you play Ticket to Ride online and for free. I have listed some of the better ones.

    Free Play Ticket to Ride Online Sites

    Wanderer They call is “Wanderer” but its Ticket to Ride. The online board game site is in Finnish/English but you will have no trouble if you are not Finnish speaking. Rules are well explained.

    The site has other games, including FISK which is RISK.

    Note: Above site has pulled ‘Wanderers” from game line up- I believe to further develop. I wil post more as I learn more if you now when they will be back before i do- please post. If you know of another site- please let us know.

    Play Ticket to Ride free for 30 days hereon skotos.net. They also have many other online verson of Days of Wonder board games  Play Ticket to Ride Online  Free i.e. Queen’s Necklace and Ticket to Ride – Europe ( which I prefer)

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    One Response to “Play Ticket to Ride Online- Free”

    1. Roo Says:
      March 6th, 2010 at 1:56 pm

      This is a very good program. I always wanted to feed the hungry with my money, online but I just didn’t know how. Free Rice is a good and fun game for my children. They like guessing what this and that means in French or German, plus I like it also. It’s just so easy to find all you have to do is type in Free Rice and bam! There you are just click on a subject and you are all ready to play. I’m really glad to be feeding the hungry. When I was a little girl my dad always said, “Eat eeeevvveeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyything on your dinner plate because there is starving people.” I’m glad he said that because now I’m trying to anything possible for ME to feed the hungry. I’m really thankful for the person who created Free Rice. I can play that game all the time with my children and make myself feel better by saying I’m feeding the hungry!(: -smiley face