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  • Free Singapore Math Worksheets, Printables and Resources

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom

    We have been using the Singapore Math Free Singapore Math Worksheets, Printables and Resources
    curriculum with much success and satisfaction for 2 years now. Singapore textbooks and workbooks are affordable and I suggest you purchase them A whole year costs about 40 for both textbooks and workbooks- you don’t need to buy anything else but the pencils. If you would like to test run the Singapore Math system bu all means try some of the free resources below.
    I am compiling a list of free Singapore Math Worksheets and Printables. It has been a bit frustrating becasue so much spam and fake blogs out there.
    Anything in list below is VERIFIED working site for Singapore math or Singapore Style math Worksheets, Printable or Resource.
    If you offer Singapore math related information on your website or blog please send me email or make a comment in comments section and I will gladly add you!

    Singapore Style Worksheets, tests and assessments found HERE

    Not bad website that offers free 30 days and Singapore Style math worksheets HERE You can also do “online”.

    http://www.1800-teacher.com Has several free resources- you do have to register and I found the registration process cumbersome.
    The official Singapore Math site has excellent placement test if you are unsure where you child start. Don’t be alarmed if your “grade 3″ child tests at Primary 2- the system is different and Primary 2 is actually Grade 3 or higher level math.
    Link for their placement assessment HERE

    Math Printable HERE

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