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  • Top Female Role Models of 2012

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom

    I have to say I am really pleased with the response The Hunger Games has had. A book featuring a female character, Catniss Everdeen and her “female-ness” is secondary to the story line.
    If you read the book you a struck by how she cares little for her appearance, her hair and her clothes. What she does send time on is her relationships with her family and people close to her. Catniss also fights for something she believes in – her values not a man or a vampire :-). Not the man she loves but a system of beliefs. All very honorable and admirable.
    Adele Vogue 2012 Pictures Top Female Role Models of 2012
    Next way on the other end of the spectrum is Adele. So REFRESHING. We are oh so politically correct when saying the we are not judgemental when it comes to women being overweight and fat can be beautiful but how often do we see fat chick on the cover of Vogue Guess what??? Now we do!
    Finally a real woman a real girl who is GORGEOUS and who embraces her curves. An overweight girl that young girls and teens WANT to look like!
    Adele has really broken though this barrier and shown that you can be overweight and sexy and confident at the same time.

    What women do you admire this year?

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