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  • ANOTHER Video game addiction for Me! Best Tips and Tricks for Playing Scramble with Friends

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom

    scramble with friends ANOTHER Video game addiction for Me! Best Tips and Tricks for Playing Scramble with Friends

    Well.. I went over to the dark side and gave up on Apple and iTunes and now an Android Devotee. I don’t play many video games or apps on my phone/tablet.
    I have a Nexus 7 Tablet and a Razr Droid phone and tend to use them for email and browsing as well as the occasional blog post. A few months ago I was really into Draw something and that was the last game I could spend more than 5 minutes playing.
    This week I discovered Zynga’s Scramble With Friends and have been playing often. It is basically Boggle but you play against other people. Boggle is one of my favourite games and I sure hope Boggle is getting some of the cash from this game!
    I play against my 9 year old son and find it really helps with his word building. The incentive for finding new words in a game seems to be enough :-)

    Some Hints and Tips For Playing Scramble with Friends

    I am a not bad Boggle player but there are something in Scramble with Friends that are a bit different from Boggle. Biggest thing for me to get used to is using 2 letter words ( which you cant do in Boggle) Also making use of the double/triple letter and word scores.

    Some quick tips that will immediately improve your Scramble with Friends Score:
    1) Learn to swipe letters and not press each one. I do find that swiping increases chances of making mistake or misspelling a word but speed increase out weights the errors.

    Best Power Up’s to Use with Scramble With Friends

    2) Using Power Ups. I prefer to use “Freeze” power up. Mainly because it automatically kicks in at end of game if you forget to use AND gives you extra time. You get extra 20 seconds with each Freeze. If you are wondering why the person you are playing consistently beats you by a couple of hundred pints- this is why.
    If you have enough coins then get 2 of the Freeze power up for Scramble with Friends.

    3) Look over word lists of your opponent. You will discover word combinations you didn’t think of and tons of 3 and 2 letter words you never heard of.

    More Tricks for Playing Scarmble With Friends

    4) Another quick tip is if you have 1 or 2 seconds left in game quickly press common letter ( like T or S) and after game is over you will couple of seconds to come up with a word before game wont let you play anymore.

    5) Stick to cluster of letters and then move on. Try and squeeze out as many words as you can when playing in an area on the board. This is key when you are playing with double/triple word and letters in last rounds of game.

    6) Looks for as many plurals as you can- adding an “s” to words. Keep I out for other ending and prefix’s like “-ed” “-ing” “-er” “est” “-pro” “-Pre”. etc

    Cheat for Getting Free Coins in Scramble with Friends

    I blew through my first free coins without thinking and knowing what I was doing. Having to wait for these coins is ridiculous and total cash grab which really bothers me. You have to pay a coin every game to play. You also get one free power up and can buy more.

    I did discover trick for getting free coins with Scramble with Friends and don’t feel bad at ALL for using it. Pretty much all you have to do to get free coins with Scramble with Friends is close the app (I use task killer to make double sure) then go to your phone or tablet setting and go to date/time and change auto to manual. Set the date one day forward. Open Scramble with friends and you will have 14 coins. Go back and change date back to “auto” set.

    Good Luck- the game is a lot of fun and highly recommend!

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