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  • Download Free Hunger Games Font

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom | March 2, 2012

    Fonts have become more and more popular for teens as an outlet for creativity. You can download and add them to your computer by downloading the zipped file, unzip and then copy and paste the font ( fontname.ttf ) into Control Panel-> Appearance -> Fonts. Ii is just that simple. Your font will now appear in Word, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

    Here is very popular Hunger Games font: download HERE

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    Just Finished Reading The Hunger Games Series and LOVED it!

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom | February 8, 2012

    I have posted quite a bit that I have not been able to read much in the past few years because of an eye condition, keratoconus, and cannot see without special contact lenses in my eye. I can only wear the lenses for about 8 hours so there was no bedtime reading for me. HEARTBREAKING until I got an e-reader where I can change the font to super large. I have a Kindle  Just Finished Reading The Hunger Games Series and LOVED it!
    and in love with it.
    Been reading like a mad woman and last week I plowed through all three of the Hunger Games books, The Hunger Games Trilogy Set , the three books are : The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay
    I was looking for something a bit mindless to read and had been disappointed in a couple of the books I had just read ( The Postmistress being one of them)

    I plunked down on the couch and put on a fire prepared to be entertained if not mildly bored. Boy was I WRONG! I was totally entranced by the story.
    Set sometime in the future the main character, Katniss lives in a dreary village or district as its called in books. There are 13 districts that are supply regions for the “Capitol” He district, District 12 supplies coal.
    Katniss is a STRONG female lead with plenty of depth as well as survival skills- which she will need when she volunteers to act as tribute as substitute for some one else and go to “The Hunger Games” with 23 other tributes – 2 teens between 12-18 from each district – 1 boy and 1 girl.
    The Hunger Games are a punishment to the districts for an uprising that took place about 75 years before.
    The plot is pretty dark however has its moments and the characters spring to life with lots of plot twists- for the most part very plausible.
    What I enjoyed most about the book was that the female character really is the lead- no damsel in distress here!

    While not quite in Harry Potter league it is very very good and I highly recommend. It is not sappy and boys will also enjoy.
    There is Hunger Games movie being released in March after seeing trailer ( below ) starring Jennifer Lawrence who was wonderful in Winter’s Bone (she received Oscar nomination) I cannot wait!

    Watch Hunger Games Trailer

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    E-Book Management Software Calibre is Like iTunes for You Kindle, Kobo and other e-readers

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom | January 28, 2012

    I have mentioned before that I have terrible vision that cannot be corrected with glasses. When i take out my contacts at night it is impossible to read a regular book with regular font so I have to leave my beloved books behind and use e-reader- a Kindle E Book Management Software Calibre is Like iTunes for You Kindle, Kobo and other e readers… I can change the font super large and be able to read again!

    I tried Kobo ( wi-fi version) and HATED it. I have not had any experience with the new touch and color version . People do get on my back for using e-reader with comments like I prefer a REAL book.. and I totally get it and miss my books but I am not in position to read them anymore and e-readers have been a god send to me.
    There are many plus sides- like you can carry around literally hundreds of books in your purse or beach bag. Downside- I really dont want to carry my 200.00Kindle to the beach and get it wrecked by sand and salty ocean air. ( use my Kobo for that.. lol).. Kindles E Book Management Software Calibre is Like iTunes for You Kindle, Kobo and other e readers
    have come way down in price- you can pick up one for under 80.00 dollars.

    I ditched my Kobo after a month and forked out bog buck for a Kindle- and so far worth every penny. I have Kindle 3- one with keyboard. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The battery last forever and compared to my Kobo its issue free.

    There is a FREE software that is a must have in my opinion if you use an e-reader. Calibre.
    You can download Calibre on their website, http://calibre-ebook.com/ . No charge not advertising no nothing. I keep thinking they are going to start charging! The software is that good.
    You can take pretty much any format you find on the web- text files, pdf files, html .mobi. epub , etc and convert and sent them to pretty much any e-reader.
    It also lets you organize you books and see whats on there.. remove books from your Kindle or ereader with click of your mouse.
    There are some neat features that I keep discovering an will post here on my blog .

    If you have an e-reader and not using Calibre- I encourage you to give it a try!

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    Ten Reason To Homeschool Your Kids

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom | January 23, 2012

    There are MANY reasons to homeschool and all of them are valid. I thought I would make a list of ten of the reason why I homeschool my kids.
    Please feel free to comment and add your reasons!

    1. Family is the Centre of You Family Life- not school.

    This is a biggie for me- on e of the biggest reason we chose to homeschool was we wanted our family life to be the focus and not school. We did not want school or school schedules to dictate our daily life. We can travel, visit family, experience life, etc in a way that does not revolve around a schools schedule.
    Needs of the family come first- not the school.

    2. Deeper Bond between Siblings

    I can say without any hesitation that the bond my daughter has with her brother is richer an deeper because she spent so much of her daily life with him. No just at meals, weekends and Summer vacation. You don’t become closer to some one by spending less time with them. I have discussed with many homeschoolin friends and we all agree this has been the case in our families.

    3. Time to Follow Your Passions
    You have more time for kids to follow the passions and not be exhausted by heavy school workload. My daughter was able to devote alot of time to her passions- dance and music. If she were in school there is no way we could have kept up the pace of her lessons and maintained our sanity.
    I have good friend who has her children really involved with hockey- a brutal schedule that leave me wondering how other kids and their parents survive.

    4. Connection to Your Children and Family
    Because you are with your kids most hours of the day- you have a feel for where they are at. You can tell if some one is getting sick, a bit off, depressed or struggling with something. Now parenting a teen- being “connected” to your kids becomes critical when they hit years than can be hard for most.

    5. Simpler Life
    Life can be simpler. There is not the rush of getting everyone ready for school, packing lunches, etc. There is time to read to each other and time to make real food.

    6. Expose Your Kids to Things They Might Not Learn is School
    We spent alot of time last year really delving into Greek and Roman Mythology, Lizz, my eldest daughter ( now in highschool) stunned her English teacher with her knowledge of Mythology and a smattering of Latin. We were also able to learn about World Religion- something I feel is important i terms of tolerance and community.
    My eight year old is trying to figure out how to make Ipad apps! We have the time to pursue this.

    7. Freedom of Movement
    There is no way any one can convince me it is “normal” or natural for our youth to be sitting in a room for HOURS. I am all for learning and not as against the school system as I may seem however a roomful of young boys in girls being penalized for wanting to move around- can’t buy it. Should be 1 hours learning and 5 hours of movement as far as I’m concerned.

    8. You help create Independent Thinkers..
    Not kids who can memorize and recite and regurgitate. There are exceptions but for the most part homeschooled kids I meet are very independent and can THINK FPOR THEMSELVES.

    9. Less Peer Pressure
    Some will filter in- however homeschool kids are less aware of the latest trends in pop culture and tend not to care about “name brand” clothes or get trapped in commercialism.

    10. Less Bullying and Age Bias
    One thing I have liked most about homeschooling- there seems to be less bullying and more tolerance. Kids who are different levels of reading for example are not teased. My son is as likely to play a video game with a 14 year as an 8 year old. Divisions by age are not common- the kids have not learned that it “uncool” to hang out with their younger brother or the group of younger kids that want to join in.

    Would love to hear your reasons for homeschooling!

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    Saving on Electric/ Hydro Bill with Kids – Painless Ways to Save Electricity

    By Lisa - Homeschooling Mom | January 16, 2012

    My hydro bill was out of control last month. I live in a modest sized home and last month our hydro bill was 200.00!!!! It should be closer to about 125.00.
    Now, we are home all day and “Living” in our home 24 hours a day- its not like we all leave and go to work/school. I work at home and my son is homeschooled and we are pretty active. I do a lot of cooking and baking so oven is on a lot.
    I am trying to get the kids more involved in helping with the hydro bill- not only from an economical stand point but also in terms of being conscientious of our resources and the environment. I tried this method a few years ago with pretty good results.
    Instead of nagging at my kids to shut off lights and computers, etc not in use to save on hydro ( In Ontario we call electricity bill “Hydro” most people get their electricity produced by water i.e.e Niagara Falls , I am trying a more positive approach and rewarding ourselves for less electrical use.
    If I can bring down bill by 10 % this month- which I THINK is do-able we will go out to the movies – something we rarely do because of cost. As a starting point tn I would rather give money to our family than electric company.
    For each family the “reward” might be different. I think it has to be a goal that is attainable and that the whole family will enjoy. I could easily have made it a night our for dinner or a new video game.

    Ways to save on our Hydro bill:
    Most obvious is shutting off lights/TVs / PlayStation off when not in use. Newer LCD TV’s use WAY more electricity than older tube ones.

    I have also been really working at timing dishwasher, dryer and washing machine for use in off peak hours when electricity is cheaper.

    We have alot of computers going on in our house. Kids lap tops, my work computer, etc. I have changed on the power settings on them- to power off and hibermate disk AND monitor, This was an easy and painless one to do. Just go into control panel of your computer ( Windows) and look for “Power Options”

    Any other ideas???????

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