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    I have put together a list of “best video games for kids” . I noticed that the games my daughter liked weren’t the same as the ones my son and some of the other boys liked. I have been keeping lists of them for about 2 years now and update regularly. How do I get my lists? I ask my kids , the kids my kids play play with and other homeschool kids. I also quiz staff at games stores on whats in and out. Become a bit of an obsession :-)

    I have mentioned many times that video games are as useful a learning tool as anything else- including a book! I am no sure why we have no problem with our kids sitting in a chair for six hours staring at a blackboard and daydreaming but freak out if they play one minutes past their 60 minute ration of video game play.

    I have labeled the games as ones that appeal to boys and some to girls- but this is of course not a hard and fast rule! What makes a video game that I consider to be one of the best video games for kids is play value and quality. Some video games look new and shiny but are not well designed and collect dust on the shelf. Where possible I do mention where the games are liked equally and I do not want to deter a girl from playing anything just because i have out it on a list that boys might like.

    If you would like to review a game- by all means do so ! You can email me with your idea or if easier just email with your review and permission to post. I will be happy to include a link to your site as well as full credit for your guest blog post.

    Any reviews from kids/tweens and teens welcome- spelling and grammar NOT important.

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